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Transformational Private Flexibility Training In Person & Via Skype

Flexibility is the key to longevity, and a real determinant on how healthy and youthful a person is.

Photo Credit: Angela Yap Lake Arrowhead magazine

Give Stacey Nemour,  90 to 120 minutes, and you won’t recognize yourself. Thousands of clients from across the globe have adopted this miraculous method via online streaming courses, Skype and in-person.

After one private flexibility training session clients experience proven measurable change. Her training techniques and authenticated solutions are designed to alleviate back pain, knee problems, and other debilitating ailments. Stacey has a rare gift to tune into the client’s exact needs. She’s internally guided to show stretches and exercises that will enable one to attain a new level of flexibility that would normally require years of training; and demonstrates the correct sequence in which to do them safely, and with confidence. Stacey’s system invites you to completely transform your flexibility and range of motion.

After three decades of incredible achievement helping the tightest beginner- professional athletes, dancers, performers, martial artist, and Olympians Stacey brings clients a new paradigm shift to eliminate the confusion surrounding the art & science of flexibility training for anyone at any level or age.

How It Works

From a mind, body spirit perspective Stacey guides her clients (Ranging from Beginner to the top athletes & Olympians on the planet) step by step through a comprehensive flexibility training program tailored to each clients exact specific needs. She troubleshoots on the spot with solutions in every area the client has been stuck. This relieves back, knee, sciatica, Achilles and other pain, while preventing injuries and increasing range of motion in dancers, gymnasts, pro-athletes, baseball players, NFL, NBA, ballerina’s, figure skating, Olympians, cheerleaders, track and field and all artists performance.

Applicants terms and information for in person or via Skype: Many travel from all over the world to Lake Arrowhead, CA. to work with Stacey in person. (She does occasionally work in Los Angeles & San Diego)

LENGTH: Private goes for 1 -2 hours ( depending on clients needs, age, stamina & how much can be absorbed ) from 1st session on Stacey tunes in and dives right into it.

RATE: One Intensive private session: $550.00 USD

RATE: Three day intensive package: $1,350.00 USD in person 3 days in a row or package used with-in a 3 week period, Via Skype with-in a 4 week period. Package of 4 sessions: $1,600.00

WHAT’S INCLUDED: Stacey will address the full spectrum of your special needs, physical pain and critical professional goals. Before /after pictures will be sent to client to track progress. You will also receive complimentary access to Stacey’s streaming flexibility master bundle video series. She will choose which programs serves you best. These bundle packages on their own go for $249.00 After the private session, you may login anytime and train to keep the forward momentum going.


1. An area with some clear wall space

2. A couple Yoga Blocks & Stacey Stretch Strap® Stacey custom designed to go with her system to maximize results. Order here

3. To schedule let Stacey know your exact location to factor in time difference.


Stacey may use before and after pictures as testimonial to inspire others.

Sessions are closed with no observing or disruptions so the artist may completely focus and receive the highest results.

Client is responsible to make sure internet connection is strong, computer is updated and Skype software is updated for a smooth session.

No filming, taking photos or recording: This is illegal without permission

Stacey has permission to use before and after results to help and inspire others

Sessions are to start at the agreed time. There is a 10 minute waiting grace period.

24 hour cancellation notice policy or Skype session is charged in full. No refunds

48 hour cancellation policy for in person session or session is charged in full. No refunds

Copyright: Stacey’s system is protected: private coaching is for the clients needs and not to be reused for commercial purposes. No exceptions. Special instructor certification training coming soon.

To schedule email Stacey

Please inquire for rates for master classes for teams and companies.

Other option: Instead of a private with Stacey, Her flexibility master class video series can be purchased on their own: click here

Disclaimer: You should always consult your physician or healthcare provider before participating in any exercise activity. You agree that by participating in physical exercise or training activities, you do so entirely at your own risk.

Certain guidelines and non-disclosure conditions will be applied for coaches and instructor